At ASAS Health we understand the needs of our patients. We have listened to patient comments and suggestions about ways in how we can enhance the overall patient experience.
For this reason, we are introducing our patient star program. The patient star program is an enhanced care program offered to patients who are most frail. The program is divided into three categories, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

For example, the gold status might be given to patients with more needs for care than a patient with less need. A patient with less need and a patient who is more independent might be given Bronze Status.

You will be part of your care team which is made up of you, a physician or physician supervisor, a mid-level care provider like a Nurse Practitioner or a Physician Assistant, a care coordinator, a medical assistant, a referrals coordinator, and a robust Electronic Health Record.

Patients will receive a priority pass which you can use at every appointment. No more long waits, just show your priority pass! You can also use your pass at home because each card has direct numbers to your care team. Enhancing access to your care!
Why does this matter? It matters because we care about you and your loved ones. It matters because we are always looking for ways to improve the overall patient experience.
Ask your doctor about the star program to see if you qualify.