Patient Orientation

We at Monzer H. Yazji, MD & Associates wish to take a moment to welcome you to your new Medical Home. We want you to know that we appreciate the opportunity we are given, to take care of you and your family. Thank you for choosing us as your patient centered home and we look forward to serving you. As your new medical home we will strive to provide you with ease of access to care. You can expect high standard of care. Your health and well being is our number one concern, your health goals are our goals.

We understand that no two patients are the same and that is why your care plan will be designed especially for you. In our medical home model of care, you are at the center of everything we do.

Your medical team will provide you with coordinated & comprehensive care in a none directive environment. You will find that the most common services such as labs, x-rays, hydration therapy, EKG’s, bone density, health maintenance visits, medication reconciliation, interpreter services, and many others are offered in house so you will not be asked to go elsewhere to receive these services.


Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our services policies and procedures so you can maximize your experience. If you have any questions about any of the forms or any of the processes in place, please let any of our support staff member, they will be glad to assist you.

During your first office visit you will be introduced to your care team. The care team will include a personal doctor or mid level provider, you will meet your medical assistant, care / referrals coordinators, and or a health coach. Together you and your care provider will set health goals in a none directive environment. Once you and your doctor or mid level provider determine your health needs, and once you set your health goals, everyone in your team will support you and help you achieve your goals.

Frequency of Office visits:

Office visits are meant to protect your health safety, to ensure the effectiveness of your treatments and to check for any side effects from your medications. Your specific wellness needs will determine the frequency of your office visits. Once you and your doctor or mid level provider determine your wellness needs, all medications will be prescribed according to the next scheduled office visit. Refills (link down to Refills) will be given in accordance to office visit frequency. There are different types of visits and may include:

  1. Wellness / annual visit
  2. Hospital Transitional Care visits
  3. Face to Face Visits for Home Health Services
  4. Home visitation
  5. Follow up visits and frequency of visits may vary depending on medical necessity

Bring Medications to Your Appointments

Please bring all of your medications to all your office visits, if not a complete list of all medications will be acceptable. The list should include over the counter medications when appropriate, doses and frequencies and any natural remedies or herbal products being taken.

Please bring your journal of noted side effects.

Diabetic and Hypertensives

We ask all diabetic and hypertensive patients with home glucometers or home bp monitors to record their blood sugars and blood pressures at home as instructed by their physician, and to bring in the logs for review at each clinic visit. This will help in the management of these conditions.


Our facilities have ample patient assigned parking area for your convenience. The parking areas are located directly in front of the facility. If you need assistance from your car call our front desk and of our support staff will gladly assist you. The building is wheelchair ready.

Interpreter Services

Our Medical Practice extends our commitment to personalized healthcare by meeting the unique cultural needs of our patients.We provide free interpreter services to patients to ensure that information is accurately transmitted between Limited English Proficient patients and deaf or hard-of-hearing patients and their healthcare team. If you would like to have a medical interpreter throughout your appointment, we ask that you request this service while scheduling your appointment or let your healthcare team know at any time. Our services include on-site, telephone and video interpreters.

Interpreter Services:

ALS Translation and Interpreting: 800-755-5775
AAA Worldwide Translation Service: 214-741-4747
Hearing Impaired
Deaf Action Center for Sign Interpreters: 214-521-0407

Always call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency. If you have a situation which you feel is urgent our telephone is the same day or night. When calling after hours, our answering service will locate your physician / provider. Please explain the nature and urgency of your problem clearly and concisely, and the physician on call will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Please note that a Physical exam is needed for diagnosing. An office or emergency department visit could be required by your physician or mid level provider.

During your office visit, your doctor or mid level provider will refill your medications. Follow-up appointments to monitor your progress on these medications are very important. We understand that there may be instances when you cannot attend to your office visit, in such cases contact our office for other arrangements.

If you have lab work performed , please expect a phone call to receive your results. Lab work results may also be sent to your home address unless you specify other instructions.


Results – Other Studies

An office visit will automatically be required to review ECG/MRI/CAT Scan studies with your doctors or mid level provider.

Abnormal Results

Abnormal results (blood test, x ray or any other test) are preferably reported in person by the physician or mid level provider.

Everyone has a role in making healthcare safe. Our physicians, Nurses and technicians are working to make your health care safety a priority. You, as a patient, can play a vital role in making your care safe by becoming an active, involved and informed member of your healthcare team. SoSPEAK UP.

S – Speak up if you have any questions or concerns and if you don’t understand, ask again.
P – Pay attention to the care, treatment and medications you are receiving.
E – Educate yourself about your diagnosis and your treatment plan.
A – Ask a trusted family member or companion to be your advocate.
K – Know what medications you take and shy you take them.
U – Use a healthcare facility that provides quality care.
P – Participate in all decisions about your treatment.

Patient Rights
  1. You have the right to be treated with respect, consideration and dignity.
  2. You have the right to high quality medical care delivered in a safe, timely, efficient and cost effective manner.
  3. You have the right to be assured that the expected results can be reasonably anticipated.
  4. You have the right to privacy to the extent possible.
  5. You have the right to have our disclosures and records treated confidentially and expect when required by law, those disclosures and records will not be released without your approval Please refer to our Notices of Privacy Practices for further details on how we safeguard your medical records. You can find the privacy notices posted in the front waiting area.
  6. You have the right to be provided, to the degree known, compete information concerning your diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and prognosis.
  7. You have the right to copies of your medical records at nominal cost and, if you request it, those records will be transferred to another practitioner in a timely manner at no cost to you.
  8. You have the right to be informed of all reasonable options or alternatives to care and or treatments and of the potential advantages and the alternatives to having the procedure performed in an office or other outpatient facility.
  9. You have the right to participate in decisions reguarding all aspects of your care.
Patient Responsibilities
  1. You have the responsibility to accurately and completely provide all clinical personnel with the health information they need including any medications that you are taking.
  2. You have the responsibility to follow the directions of the nurse or physician with regards to diet and or medications.
  3. You have the responsibility to abstain from using any drugs that have not been prescribed for you and that you have not revealed to our nurse or physician.
  4. You have the responsibility to abstain from the use of alcohol as directed by your nurse or physician.
  5. You have the responsibility to inform the nurse of physician if you do not understand any directions or if you do not understand the course of treatment planned for you.
  6. You have the responsibility to timely pay all medical bills which are not in dispute and to forward to us any monies you receive from any insurance company for our services.

We at Monzer H. Yazji, MD & Associates strive to provide you with excellent quality care. We highly believe in changes to improve, and welcome an opportunity to listen to your suggestions and complaints. Please contact our office manager by telephone or via email to get further information on complaint resolution. If your concern is not resolved you may contact your physician directly.

We highly recommend that ALL our patients have regular Complete Physical Exams (Annual Screening/Preventative Visits, etc.) every 1-2 years. It is your responsibility to verify that your insurance will reimburse preventative visits if you are scheduled for such. Be advised that some insurance companies routinely do not cover preventative visits (Medicare & some Blue Cross plans especially).

Patient’s Forms

Select below the form section and fill the required information that is needed, once the form is filled it will be delivered to the administration which will get back to you shortly.


On the following links you will find our demographics packet that will allow you to fill out the forms that you would normally fill out on location. Filling these out will reduce the time it takes for you to get all the information we need. Thank you for visiting and please do come back as we update information on this page frequently.

Please contact Veronica Cruz for any other questions at

Phone: (956) 292-0128

Fax: (956) 292-0114

Or email us at:

Employers, please try to send in each patient with the following information

  1. Incident Report

  2. Employers/Workers Compensation Insurance Information

  3. Demographics


Reach us 24 hours a day!

Our After Hours Care clinic is available at 502 s. Closner Bvld., provides an opportunity for evening and weekend patient care for both patients and non-patients of Monzer H. Yazji MD and Associates. After Hours Care provides an excellent alternative for health problems that need immediate attention but don’t require a trip to the emergency room.

If you or your loved one become ill after office hours or on a holiday. One of our physicians is always available by telephone or in person.

After Hours Care  (956) 292-0100


Reach us 24 hours a day!

  • House calls are made by doctors and nurse practitioners to address primary and urgent care  needs in patients who are home bound / bed bound.
  • We offer a full range of diagnostic tests and treatments comparable to an urgent care center
  • Coordination of home nursing, physical therapy, and hospice
  • On-call physician: 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone
  • Mobile electronic health record (EHR)
  • Coordination of specialty care and procedures at the following hospital facilities:
    • Edinburg Regional Medical Center 1102 W. Trenton Edinburg, Texas 78539
    • McAllen Hea1th Hospital 1900 S. D. St McAllen, Texas 78503
    • McAllen Medical Center 301 W. Expressway 83 McAllen, Texas 78503
    • Corner Stone Hospital 2302 Cornerstone Blvd Edinburg, Texas 78539
  • Coordination of in-home support services, such as home health and others


Reach us 24 hours a day!

  • Our team of physicians will coordinate your care during your hospital stay at one of the following facilities:

      1. Edinburg Regional Medical Center 1102 W. Trenton Edinburg, Texas 78539
      2. McAllen Hea1t Hospital 1900 S. D. St McAllen, Texas 78503
      3. McAllen Medical Center 301 W. Expressway 83 McAllen, Texas 78503
      4. Comer Stone Hospital 2302 Cornerstone Blvd Edinburg, Texas 78539

    Either one of our physicians will personally take care of you or he or she will help in coordinating your care with other hospitalist groups.


Reach us 24 hours a day!

  • For a complete list of community resources in our area please visit:

    Transportation Services

    Family Support Services

    Utility Assistance



    Food banks